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Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the Visegrad Region (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia): DATABASE (Result of Project No. 22220150)

Database of CSR implementation (in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Polland) based on Questionaire survey

Stiahnuť súbor: Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility CSR in the Visegrad Region_ DATABASE Result of Project No_22220150.xlsx

The direct output of project no 22220150 is the DATABASE which includes outcomes of the questionnaire survey conducted in monitored countries containing sorting questions, questions regarding implementation
of CSR in the company and reporting, questions regarding the realization of selected CSR activities (environmental, social, economic), and questions regarding activities connect with the COVID-19 pandemic and conflict in Ukraine (refugee crisis).

The database represents a culmination of data collected through a questionnaire survey conducted among businesses from the Visegrád Group countries (Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic), registered within the commercial registers of one of the examined countries.

The collected data has been processed, anonymized, and structured for analytical purposes. The variables are alphabetically arranged. Not all queried columns are present in the database due to some companies opting not to provide certain information, primarily relating to the quantification of financial expenditures. The resulting database has been formatted for further mathematical and statistical analysis. Regarding the questionnaire construction, it incorporated a combination of Likert scales and multiple-choice options, structured methodically based on previous research and expert input. The data collection phase occurred between November 2022 and November 2023, involving a stratified randomized selection of business entities. The aim was to ensure a balanced sample, consisting of 100 companies per country, across various enterprise sizes: 250 employees and above, 50-249 employees, and 0-49 employees.


This research has been supported and this database was prepared within the project "Corporate Social Responsibility in Business Practice of the Visegrad Region (Visegrad Grant no. 22220149)". The project is co-financed by the Governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from the International Visegrad Fund. The mission of the fund is to advance ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe.

Note: X- missing data, it must be considered that the questionaire study employed skipping logic, therefore if some data is missing it may be considered that the company does not implement the selected activity


Monograph (book) summarizing the results of research on the CSR implementation in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland

 "Corporate Social Responsibility in Business Practice of the Visegrad Region"

We are excited to announce the publication of scientific monograph, "Corporate Social Responsibility in Business Practice of the Visegrad Region (Czechia, Poland, Slovakia)" as the main output of the project. This significant work is a culmination of extensive research and collaboration among a team of distinguished authors: Jana Kozáková, Renata Skýpalová, Alina Nowotarska, Rafał Baum, Mária Urbánová, Erik Janšto, and Dariusz Pieńkowski.

 📊 Study Overview: Our research aimed to provide a comprehensive overview of CSR practices within the Visegrad region's business sectors, focusing on the Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia. Through meticulous analysis of various variables related to CSR characteristics, Triple Bottom Line activities, CSR reporting, and responses to global crises, we have compiled a thorough examination of CSR implementation in the region.

The monograph is now available at:

🤝 Acknowledgments: We extend our deepest gratitude to all co-authors, reviewers, and the Visegrad Fund, whose support and collaboration made this publication possible. This project reflects our commitment to advancing knowledge and fostering dialogue on key issues in corporate social responsibility.



Study of the implementation of Corporate Social Ressponsibility in Visehrad region (Slovakia, Polland, Czech republic)

Study will map the situation of the nature of the socially responsible activities
implemented by various businesses in monitored countries with the emphasis on
COVID-19 pandemic, conflict at Ukraine and readiness of these entities for
mandatory CSR reporting. Study will be based on the conducted qualitative study
and can be used for education of actual and future managers on examples from
business practice.

Scientific Article (Product)

Scientific Article: "Environmental Responsibility of Corporate Management in the Visegrad region - a comparative study of the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia"

(Authors: Jana KOZÁKOVÁ, Renata SKÝPALOVÁ,  Dariusz Pieńkowski)

Presented at International Scientific Conference: NOWE WYZWANIA DLA ROZWOJU

Download file: END_Komunikat numer 1_20_04_2023-1.pdf


28. - 29.09.2023 - Warszaw/ Poland

By: colleague from PL Team - Assoc. Prof. Dariusz Pieńkowski, PhD.

Published in an indexed journal: "Economics and Environment"

Article for download:

Scientific Contribution on Environmental Responsibility in Visegrad Region to be Published in Prestigious Journal

The collaborative efforts of a multinational team have culminated in a significant scientific achievement, as the research paper titled "Environmental Responsibility of Corporate Management in the Visegrad Region – Comparative Study of the Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia" is set to be published in the esteemed journal "Economics and Environment."

Presented at the International Scientific Conference "NOWE WYZWANIA DLA ROZWOJU ZRÓWNOWAŻONEGO," held in Warsaw, Poland, on September 28th - 29th, 2023, the paper garnered substantial acclaim. Representing each respective country involved in the project, the collaborative effort involved Jana Kozáková, Renata Skýpalová, and Dariusz Pieńkowski, who were instrumental in the success of this endeavor.

A one of the best among presented, the paper was selected for publication in the journal "Economics and Environment," which boasts an ISSN 0867-8898 and e-ISSN 2300-6420. Published in close collaboration with the Polish Association of Environmental and Resource Economists and the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (EAERE), this journal has earned considerable recognition in the scientific community, with an Impact Factor of 0.4 (2022) and a CiteScore of 0.8 (2023).

After successfully navigating the rigorous stages of double-blind peer review, the paper is slated for publication in the forthcoming issue of the journal, which is released quarterly. This achievement signifies a remarkable opportunity for the research to reach a broader audience within the academic community.

The team expresses sincere appreciation for the collaborative effort that contributed to this achievement. Further updates regarding the publication will be communicated in due course.

Stiahnuť súbor: END_Program Nowe wyzwania RZ_0.pdf

Conference Globalizácia (Event–Public), October 11-12, 2023, Rajecké Teplice, SK

The Globalization Scientific Conference, renowned for its excellence in the Central European region, played host to a diverse array of professionals and researchers, both active and passive participants. The event served as a platform for the dissemination of project outcomes, with a particular focus on corporate social responsibility in the Visegrad Region, emphasizing Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Poland. The project representative, Jana Kozáková, played a pivotal role in this endeavor.

At the "Green conference room," Jana Kozáková presented a meticulously prepared scientific paper titled, "Corporate Social Responsibility in Times of Crisis: A Comparative Analysis of Social Public Assistance in the Visegrad Region, with Focus on Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Poland." This comprehensive paper delved into the project's findings and insights, offering a comparative analysis that shed light on social public assistance in the Visegrad Region. During the presentation, Jana Kozáková engaged actively with fellow scientists, addressing their questions and feedback. These interactions proved invaluable in refining project outcomes and enhancing their quality.

The conference catered to a diverse audience, comprising both professional and non-professional individuals. This included active participants involved in article presentations, passive participants, and members of the general public interested in the conference proceedings. The organizing committee diligently promoted the event through the official conference website (, where attendees could access all pertinent information and updates. Additionally, the committee reached out to scientists in the field directly via email, ensuring a wide reach and participation. 

The project's fund and outcomes were officially presented during Session 2, which was held in the Green meeting room from 16:00-18:00. However, unofficial promotion of the project and its fund occurred during unofficial parts of the conference and the associated social events. While Jana Kozáková was the official representative for project promotion and active participation, other team members, including Erik Janšto and Renata Skýpalová, attended the event as well, albeit with contributions outside the project's scope.

Beyond project promotion, the conference provided a fertile ground for networking and establishing connections with potential new partners. Team members, including Erik Janšto and Renata Skýpalová, actively engaged in such activities. Notably, these interactions aimed to foster collaboration opportunities. Moreover, the Vice-dean for Research and Science of the Faculty of Economics and Management SUA, Radovan Savov, played a crucial role in promoting the project and facilitating connections with scientists from other European universities. His involvement furthered the project's reach and potential for future collaborations.

In summary, the Globalization Scientific Conference was a resounding success, serving as a platform for knowledge dissemination, networking, and collaboration. Jana Kozáková's presentation and active participation, along with the support of the project team and collaborators, contributed significantly to the project's visibility and impact within the academic community.

Conference program:

Article Presentation: 

Stiahnuť súbor: Conference GLobalizacia.pdf




Other Results of the project:

1. Scientific Article 

Evolving CSR Strategies in Agri-Food Businesses: Examination of Biofarma Charolais and its Microbrewery Eliáš

Authors: Jana Kozáková, Alexandra Filová, Ivan Holúbek

Within the scope of the project's implementation, data collection was conducted through interviews with representatives of various business entities. Among the observed entities in Slovakia was Agrofarma Charolais in Podkylava, specifically the Agro-pension Adam, along with other entities managed by the Tĺčik family. During the visit, Mr. Vojtech Tĺčik, the founder of the company, acquainted us also with the operations of the Eliáš microbrewery, which is part of the portfolio of activities of the Tĺčik family, focusing on ecological agri-food production.


Visit in the Microbrewery Eliáš 

Persons: Doc. Ing. Radovan Savov, PhD. - FEM SUA Vice-dean for Science, Research and Cooperation with Practice, Ing. Vojtech Tĺčik - Founder of Podkylava Farm, Ing. Jana Kozáková, PhD. - Coordinator of project no. 22220149, Doc. Ing. Ivan Holúbek, PhD. - CSR/ESG expert 

The scientific paper titled "Evolving CSR Strategies in Agri-Food Businesses: Examination of Biofarma Charolais and its Microbrewery Eliáš" was processed based on the provided data in collaboration with colleagues from the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra. The collaboration involved researchers from the Faculty of Economics and Management, located at Trieda A. Hlinku 2, Nitra, Slovakia, namely Alexandra Filová and Ivan Holúbek. This study was presented at the international scientific conference "Craft Beer Revolution: Factors, impacts, and perspectives of craft breweries development in Slovakia." Following a rigorous peer-review process, the paper was included in the Reviewed Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference held in Nitra on November 23rd, 2023.

Craft Beer Revolution: Factors, impacts and perspectives of craft breweries development in Slovakia


Other Results of the project:

Active participation of the team members at 18th International Scientific Days 2024 - May 16-17, 2024

“From Field to Finance: Addressing Economic Challenges” 

The conference will be under the patronage of Faculty of Economics and Management, Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra and the roundtable will be dedicated to our project certification ceremony. 

Stiahnuť súbor: isd2024_invitation.pdf

As a project results, 3 scientific article will be presented: 

  • Jana Kozáková, Boris Rumanko: The Influence of Company Size on the CSR Practices in Slovak Businesses
  • Renata Skýpalová, Mária Urbánová: CSR business practices: subsidiary in the Czech Republic
  • Alina Nowotarska, Rafał Baum, Dariusz Pieńkowski: Corporate Social Responsibility of Polish Enterprises During the Energy Crisis

Conference Programme

Other Results of the project:

Scientific Article

Do social issues matter? A comparison of socially responsible behavior of businesses in the Czech and Slovak Republics
By authors: Skýpalová-Šikýř-Urbánová
Published in Forum Scientiae Oeconomia  (in Press)

Other Results of the project:


Abstract of the scientific article 

Title: "CSR aktivity pivovarov pôsobiacich na Slovensku – Case study"

Author: Boris Rumanko


Stiahnuť súbor: Zbornik abstraktov KMz_2023.pdf